Entrepreneurship World Cup set to provide alternative funding channels for SMEs

As financial institutions lower lending outlook for 2020 due to global uncertainties, entrepreneurs may have to look for alternative funding sources to keep business. The barrage of innovation contests and fund-for-stake platforms turning up weekly across cities appear to be some of those alternatives.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) , as a pitch-for-fund global platform, offers financial support, ranging from $1000 to $25,000 and more to businesses at conceptual, early or growth stages.

The competition is segmented into stages comprising Open stage, National Prizes, Global Prizes and the Grand Global Prizes. Over 180 countries are represented annually across the stages. This makes the EWC the largest entrepreneurs ecosystem anywhere in the modern world.

Last year, Canadian startup, Nerv Technology, emerged overall winner among 100 finalists after 3 days of pitching.

The innovative startup provides post operative system monitoring support for patients to ensure their stability. For their exploits at the competition they received $500, 000 from the organiser.

According to the organisers, “The value proposition of EWC is all about the entire experience – training, resources, connections, mentorship and more.”

They added, ” But on top of that, we’ve got a great number of impactful prizes – up to $5 million in total – with dozens of cash prizes, investment opportunities and awesome resources and perks from our leading partners”.

Those partners include WeWork, Digital Africa, Young American Business Trust (YABI) and several others.

To participate at the 2020 EWC visit https://signup.entrepreneurshipworldcup.com/ewc/signup

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