$100,000 on the cards for tech savvy, innovative entrepreneurs at the African Impact Challenge

PRESS RELEASE – The goal of the African Impact Challenge is to enable sustainable development locally across the continent, by investing in youth and empowering them to solve identified problems through technology-driven impact entrepreneurship.

The organisers are essentially trying to empower African youth to tackle their own challenges locally with technology. Guided by principles from The Prosperity Paradox, it will be run in different African countries over the next 5 years with the best technology focused universities.

The target is to successfully kick-start 10 innovations aligned with the selection criteria by 2025. This will be done by providing capital, resources and mentorship necessary to begin from scratch with a $100,000 CAD fund.

The first version is taking place in Ghana, and they have partnered with Ashesi University, Ghana Technology University College and University of Development Studies Ghana to roll out the applications. It is open to students in other universities as well. Basecamp Initiative and Ashesi Startup Launchpad will be providing the co-creation spaces. Selected teams will participate in a paid summer incubator, which will bring their ideas to life and make them market ready with funding. This year’s challenge application is open until April 10th at 11:59PM GMT, and Ghanaian youth are all welcome to apply here.

Organizations/investors interested in learning more, or partnering in any capacity as they scale the challenge across the continent, can email [email protected]

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