LinkedIn says Blockchain and emotional intelligence are 2 of the most sought after skills

Emotional Intelligence and knowledge of Blockchain technology are some of the in-demand skills for the new decade. Emotional Intelligence boosts selling and aids team building. Blockchain technology has been pivoted to find relevance beyond the field of Cryptocurrency. It is now being used for digitized ledger. Its relevance cuts across shipping, healthcare, food safety, gaming, farming etc.

In-demand skills are fast-changing. This will affect those looking for work, and businesses seeking to bring in new hires. Before the close of the decade, many employees will lose relevance while businesses that are slow to catch up on what skills to look for in new hires may fail to add valuable personnel to build a competitive team.

Top professional networking platform, LinkedIn, has outlined some of the leading soft and hard skills to look out for by businesses seeking to hire new talents, and employees aiming to up-skill to stay relevant.

For employees, making the effort to up-skill, according to pop culture writer, Abbey Slattery, will help “adapt to the changing job market and get a pay bump in the process”.

On the other hand, for businesses, LinkedIn agreed “Understanding what those (in-demand) skills are early on can give you a leg up on the competition”. Hence adapting to those new market reality will raise value among business organizations. As well it will aid employees.

Here are the top 5 soft skills and 10 hard skills for 2020 as rated by the professional networking portal:

The skills in-demand for the new decade

It sounds strange that Blockchain once overtly thought to be relevant in the areas of Cryptocurrency alone has pivoted to what every business should embrace. The truth is Blockchain is a transformational technology. It is as relevant in finance as it is for healthcare management system, shipping, entertainment, gaming, food safety and farming.

Top firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and American Express are adopting Blockchain technology to build shared digital technology. This is instructive for smart small businesses which desire to build seamless processes in interfacing with clients.

For employees, however, revving up skills in Blockchain may increase their value and boost their paycheck as organizations seek experts in that field.

For soft skills, Emotional Intelligence has become relevant in building organizational coherence. The skill adds to other in-demand skills such as persuasion, collaboration, creativity and adaptability.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as self-awareness, and the ability to understand the feeling and behavioral pattern found in others. This has both social and commercial implications as it helps in the areas of selling, marketing and team-building.

For business managers, LinkedIn, advised, “ With your emotional intelligence honed, you’ll be ready to find and attract candidates with exactly the skills your organization needs most, whether they’re completely old school like sales and business analysis or something as new age as blockchain and cloud computing”.

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