African software engineers set to gain more global visibility

To help the burgeoning African software engineers gain more global visibility, Africave, a startup with root in Nigeria, has launched its portal. The startup serves as outsourcing portal for global firms seeking to engage software engineers to improve and add to their engineering team.

In an increasingly tech-driven economy certain software are necessary for performing digitized operations across industries, businesses and in personal life. Software engineers are therefore needed to set up and fix apps portfolio in quick time to meet operational demand.

Some software engineers work remotely from their local-base while serving global clients. As at 2018, according to research firm Grandview, the size of the software market was $323 billion. Meanwhile the industry is expected to expand at least 10.7% CAGR before 2025. Software engineers are presently invaluable in the airlines, finance, automobile, gaming, entertainment, logistics, travel, and manufacturing industries.

Reiterating the value of Africave, the founder of the outsourcing firm, Nigerian Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph, explained that the shortage of software engineers meant talented African engineers can rise up to fill the void.

Apparently, that is why firms such as Andela and Decagon which are connecting local IT talent with global businesses are becoming more and more relevant Africave has joined that novel sector.

Talking about the relevance of his firm to small businesses, Kennedy stressed, “We realized that many early-stage companies struggled to meet their engineering demand because they have to compete against the biggest tech companies for talent.”

He added, “Potential customers have not been able to meet their technology needs because developer shops don’t quite solve the problem and other outsourcing companies are usually at the other end of the pricing scale for them.”

The firm trains and outsources engineering talents. It also plans to help its engineers onboard at the other end of deployment. However, it charges clients monthly fees per engineer to help cover administrative costs.

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