Entrepreneurs can run foreign transfers, apply for visas via Access app

PRESS RELEASE – Access Bank recently launched its  AccessMore app, an app whose unique benefits are far ahead of others and which has no doubt, earned it a place as the best digital bank in Africa. Here are some of the outstanding features of the app.

One of the exciting things about the AccessMore app is that you can open an account without physically being present in the bank. No paperwork needed and no stress at all. This applies to personal and business accounts.

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Dubai Visa Application

Who says a bank app can’t allow you to process a Dubai Visa application from the comfort of your home? The AccessMore app is here to change the narrative. You can do so much more than just making transfers, buying data or airtime. If you’ve been fantasizing about going to Dubai for a vacation, Access Bank just made your visa application a lot easier. All you need to do is just download the AccessMore app.

Target Savings/Self-limit Setting

A bank app that helps you save is the real deal, especially at this time when saving is becoming increasingly difficult. This is how it works: Input how much money you’d like to save at a given period of time and the AccessMore app will help you reach your target. It can also help you keep track of your spending and help improve your financial decisions and actions.

Foreign Currency Transfers

At some point, you may have wondered if there was a way to make international transfers. The good news is that the AccessMore app can help you send money overseas, to any country of your choice. The fact that you can do this on the go, makes it an awesome innovation.

Flight Booking

Where do you want to go? Once you’ve got a destination, booking a ticket shouldn’t be the hindrance. With the AccessMore app, you can book a flight ticket from and to any destination in the world It is fast, easy and convenient.

 Theme and Colour Scheme Personalization

How’d you like a bank app that is tailored to suit your lifestyle? The AccessMore app offers a nice combination of colours and themes. It also gives you the liberty to change them as often as you want,  to suit your mood at each given time. The colours will brighten up your account and give it some cheer especially during these tough times

Customizable Dashboards

You can easily change the look and feel of your dashboard however you want on the Access More app.  It gives you the ability to add and arrange a number of prompts based on how frequently you use them.

The features above are just a few of what the Access More app has to offer. In totality, the app provides users with full banking benefits adaptable to their lifestyles and a better customer experience. It is a really interesting app and anyone who embraces innovation will definitely get it. Access Bank had announced that customers who are using the AccessMore app or any other digital channels (USSD-*901# and mobile apps- AccessMore, old Access Bank mobile app and Old Diamond Bank mobile app), will stand a chance to win a brand new car in the transact and win promo. The promo will run from April to December 2020.

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