Bill and Melinda Gates offering grants to young leaders tackling impacts of COVID-19

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is set to grant agile young leaders around the world between 2,500 Pounds to 10,000 Pounds to lead campaigns that will reduce the impacts of the present pandemic. The grant managed by One Young World, an international organization that is devoted to raising impactful young leaders across the world, requires potential grantees to own their initiatives and submit detailed business plans with verifiable documents to back up the initiatives.

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, with his wife, Melinda, has donated around $36 billion to the foundation as at 2018. A larger percentage of the fund have been channeled into supporting health, social and education issues around the globe. Meanwhile Bill warned the World Health Organization [WHO] and government about an impending global health crisis. The 2015 warning is now a reality.

The COVID-19 has placed intense pressure on health facilities globally. As a fallout of the crisis, over 376,000 deaths have been recorded. Businesses too are broke. The International Labour Organization [ILO] projected that around 1.6 billion workers will lose their jobs. The strains on households and society demand urgent intervention.

According to One Young World, young people are suited to tackling the crisis because, “They have the capacity for innovation, understanding of digital tools, and high level of social responsibility which makes them powerful actors in addressing humanitarian challenges”.

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