Forbes to announce supporters for startup digital accelerator program this week

Leading global media, Forbes, said it will announce new wave of supporters for its Nigeria startup digital accelerator program this week. The digital accelerator program is a 4-week training that exposes startups to new insights, skills, and tools required to scale in a competitive global economy.

According to Forbes, “The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation. Accepted companies will have access to $100k in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.”

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The first wave of supporters are:

  1. AWS 
  2. IBM Cloud 
  3. Google Cloud 
  4. VC4A 
  5. Ventures Africa 
  6. MEST
  7. Nigeria 
  8. Ventures Platform
  10. Startup Africa
  11. BusinessDay
  12. The Agile Advisor Africa
  13. SME Peaks
  14. GCL 
  15. fofx Academy
  16. Hub30
  17. CFA Media
  18. TechQuest STEM Academy
  19. Complete Sports
  20. StartupNG
  21. Newswire
  22. Techative
  23. DNB Stories
  24. Jarus Hub
  25. Naijabizcom
  26. TechAtLast
  27. Bloogify 
  28. Africa Action
  29. Enterprise Development Center (Pan-Atlantic University)
  30. GEN Nigeria
  31. TechCultureNG
  32. Intermarc Consulting
  33. Digital Africa
  34. Wennovation Hub
  35. Nigeria Innovation Summit (Tech Trends)
  36. Africa Innovation Academy
  37. Hub Aspire
  38. Itanna
  39. Edmoss
  40. Startup Arewa
  41. Cube Hub
  42. Dominion Consulting 
  43. Lady Prowess
  44. Promos in Nigeria
  45. Richee Tech
  46. Lasgidi Reporters
  47. Laila’s Blog
  48. NIPC Nigeria
  49. SME Digest
  51. TooXclusive
  52. 360Nobs
  53. Wothappen

For more information check or inquire for partnership opportunities via [email protected].

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