60% of people now discover favourite brands online – Google survey

A recent survey conducted by info and technology giant, Google, revealed that more than half of present consumers make brand choices based on information gathered online. The survey provided clue to the future of sales and marketing.

Google revealed in the survey, “The path to purchase is more complex than ever before, and people constantly seek information from their favourite sources before they make purchases”.

“As shoppers narrow and broaden their consideration set, brands should be there to offer useful ad experiences that help people take next action”, it added.

According to the survey conducted by the tech firm, about 60% of people discover their favourite brand from 1 of 6 online sources which comprise:

  1.  social media news feed
  2.  watching video
  3.  reading emails
  4.  browsing text or image-based search results
  5. surfing lifestyle sites and apps
  6. checking what influencers are saying

Meanwhile, the firm said 43% of shoppers still rely on in-store exposure and experience to make brand choice. With this new reality, it is only a matter of time before the new media dominate every aspect of life. Indeed, the lockdown has shown truly that the future of retailing, banking, work, and customer relationship is online.

Consumers are demonstrating a strong thirst for more product info. Hedonistic shoppers are beginning to rein-in spending as a result of depleting savings, a consequence of the prolonged economic lockdown. Precisely, it is becoming increasingly imperative for consumers to look out for ‘Best Prices’ before making purchases.

That search for product info cuts across – whether the purchase involves booking flight tickets, locating a launder, buying a new house or placing order for brand new sneakers. Since consumers are thronging online to search for every type of product and service, it is wiser for brands to increase exposure via the new media.

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