Dialpad: Here is a business communication tool that can help your team coordinate work remotely

Dialpad is a cloud-based video conferencing and AI (artificial intelligence)-powered business phone solution that unifies dispersed team members by giving each one instant access to all phone call data and exchanges with clients anywhere, anytime. The solution removes the risk of allowing one person engage and possess, exclusively, vital information that has to do with a project, a client or a transaction.

How does this work? A bleeding edge Voice Intelligence technology is inserted into all telephony gadgets used for official communication. The technology then deploys AI and neuro-lingusitic programming to analyse and transcribe calls. As soon as the call is over, the system will provide actionable analytics for every member of the team, far or near.

Also, for video conference calls, members of the team won’t have to go through the laborious task of taking notes. Wherever they are, according to dialpad, ” Voice Intelligence technology turns your meetings into a searchable transcript and captures actions items, so you can ditch the notes and focus on the conversation”.

Precisely, it means the system automatically provide a contact report/ highlights of meeting immediately after the session.

As the world of work is changing rapidly, technology is evolving to make the workplace experience smoother and efficient. This is because more employees are working remotely from their desks. Keeping close contact is essential. Dialpad helps keep everyone involved on the same project on a page.

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