Trends in mobility, Cloud computing, Big data analytics leading to formation of new businesses – Tayo Oyegunle, Country Manager, Uber

Top Uber executive in Nigeria, Tayo Oyegunle, has hinted that enterprise driven young people have more opportunities to tap innovation in the fourth industrial revolution era, to build new businesses with focused solutions. Referring to Uber’s plan to expand into new areas of mobility such as ferrying, the Uber country manager, asserted that technology provides endless possibilities for anyone willing to go into business at this time.

According to Oyegunle, ” With the rapid pace of innovation within the fourth industrial era, trends such as mobility, cloud computing, and big data analytics are leading to the formation of business whose platforms are helping countries make transportation more reliable, safer, more affordable, and agile enough to respond to unique local needs”.

He pointed to Lagos as playing a leading role in innovation. For him having a world class management team in the state is driving economic prosperity in Nigeria and Africa at large. This is because the country is expected to witness massive urbanisation within the next 40 years as over 200 million people will likely be working in major cities such as Lagos.

Therefore, in tune with that projection, tech-based service providers are positioning their businesses to tap new opportunities in the areas of mobility, financing, media, retailing, food delivery and intra-city navigation. Uber itself is repositioning to tap the huge advantages. Enterprise-driven people can take advantage of these new areas.

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