Border closure & import restrictions provide opportunity to invest in platforms that connect farmers to investors

As border closure persists, Nigerian farmlands and farmers are bound for more activities. This is because internal consumption will drive demand for local raw food. In the face of strict import restriction for rice, milk, tomatoes paste and more, opportunities abound for anyone willing to invest in several platforms that connect farmers to investors. One of them is Farmbuddy.

According to a clipped script provided to the media by the firm, here are some details of the business:

With the FarmBuddy app, Nigerians from all works of life can invest in any farm opening from their mobile phones and get returns between 12% – 35% for a duration of 4 – 12 Months depending on your Farm of choice.

This affords everyone to collectively impact national food production and food security in our country. 

In less than a year of operating via our website, the weekly website visits stands at an average of 3,000 and over 500 units of the farm has been invested in with investors majorly from Nigeria and a few others from Canada, Germany and the united states.

Farmbuddy currently provides regular updates, images and videos from the farms as work progresses, providing an opportunity for investors to track their investment. 

Since the launch of its website 3 months ago, Farmbuddy has recorded about 1,000 unique farm investors in Cucumber, Rice, Pepper, Poultry, Cassava, Plaintain, Pig, Watermelon, Fish, Ugwu, Yam and Snail Farms located in Nassarawa, Ogun and Lagos States

The app is available for download here

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