Famous BI: What you need to turn business data into actionable insight

Famous Business Intelligence help companies transform complex business data into powerful business tools for making accurate decisions about their market.

This is how it works. By transforming complex business data into useful visualizations, Famous BI makes it easier for you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business. With Famous BI you can easily evaluate business performance, identify and analyze trends and empower your entire organization with decision-making tools so business issues can be identified and acted upon quickly.

Other features of the tool are

a. Inspiring interactive dashboards

This remove the features of complex spreadsheets. Famous BI allows you to easily explore and analyze and share your data in colorful, interactive dashboards. Users have the ability to drag and drop, drill down, pivot and filter data directly on a dashboard.

b. Automatically process your data

The Famous Operational Data Warehouse automatically processes your data and optimizes it for performance as a strategic business decision-making tool, including the ability to:

  • Set conditional alerts Establish conditions and alerts to be automatically sent when the condition occurs.
  • Set schedules Establish schedules for the delivery of specific data and content.

Famous BI is built on the Oracle Technology platform, a proven technological foundation that supports the highest workloads and most complex database deployments.

To get started click https://famoussoftware.com/get-started

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