Yaritza Scot: 5 ways to make extra money during this holiday

A happy family needs a healthy flow of cash. Of course, money goes around fast this season; and certainly you will have need of some cash to shower gifts on loved ones or move around. Hustle24 Nigeria brings you an article by Yaritza Scot of topresume.com . She provides tips that could boost your wallet this festive and holiday season.

Here are the tips:

1. Premium services

The holidays are, for lack of a better word, busy. Between work, life, gatherings, parties, and all sorts of commitments, most people have very little time to get everything done. That’s where you come in. Shopping, cooking, cleanup — these are services you can provide and charge for. If you help out on the actual holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve), you can charge extra.

2. Online sales

Look around — do you see things you hardly touch? We’d bet you’ll be surprised at all the things you’ve been keeping, but don’t use. If you didn’t remember that you had it, you probably don’t need it. Sell it instead! Check out the best sites to sell your things online according to HuffPost, and don’t forget to take good photos and to be very clear about the state of the merchandise. This could be the beginning of a profitable side-hustle.

3. Personal services

Are your gift-wrapping abilities so good that people feel sad tearing off the wrapping paper? Put together a resume that shows off how good you are at boosting the gift-giving experience and approach local gift shops. Do you love cooking? Offer catering services for friends, family, and organizations. Good with tools and following instructions? Your new job title is Toy Assembler! Use your imagination, scout your neighborhood, start networking, and create packages and ideas that will benefit both you, businesses, and clients.

4. Pet sitting

Many people like going away for the holidays, and most of them can’t or don’t want to take their pets along. If you’re not going anywhere, need some extra cash, and love animals, this is your opportunity. Post flyers around your neighborhood and create a LinkedIn account (or update your existing one) to tell the world you’re willing to take care of their pets. Use all means available to spread the word about your services.

5. Freelancing

Businesses and individuals are consistently looking for professional services for small or one-time projects over the holidays. That could be logo design, computer repairs, house/office repairs, copywriting, marketing, e-commerce, etc. A strong resume, targeted LinkedIn profile, and solid portfolio will help you find, or even create, those opportunities.

Whatever you decide to do to make more money, it is key that you spread the word. Tell everybody you know that you are offering your services this holiday season. A true entrepreneurial mind is one that never stops producing ideas and sees opportunities where others abide by tradition. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will abandon your family and friends during the festivities. Just think what works best for you in terms of your personal and financial goals, decide your money-making strategy, and go for it!

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