Smart businesses should prepare to take advantage of advanced tech in 2020 – Gianfranco Lanci, Lenovo President

Businesses have been advised to prepare for the introduction of more advanced technologies this 2020. According to Gianfranco Lanci, President and Chief Operating Officer of technology firm, Lenovo, the roll out of 5G, having begun slowly in places such as South Korea, US, Germany, and UK, in 2019, will gain traction this time in other markets leading to the introduction of advanced tech to disrupt and enhance the way businesses operate.

The 5th generation technology or 5G has the capacity to perform tasks 20 times faster than 4G. Under an ideal condition, 5G exhibits a level of speed equivalent to 10gbps bringing about greater stability and other benefits.

Lanci said, “The reason everyone is so keen for 5G to roll out is because those combining factors mean it is the key to unlocking the development of more advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing and others.”

He predicted that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Edge Computing will lead to operational efficiency as well as enhance organisational security.

He pointed to the use of context-based AI-endpoint solutions to lock-down porous cyber holes so as to avoid breach and other malicious activities as one of the ways of mitigating threat to organisational security.

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Furthermore, the President/ COO of Lenovo added that data analytics and advanced storage tech will be the norm in the 5G era. He explained, “With over 20 billion “things” projected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, more businesses will move data analytics and AI-powered apps from the cloud to edge computing to reduce latency, lighten core server loads, and improve business operations,”

5G is gradually surfacing in Africa. MTN is presently running a 3-month trial of its 5G infrastructure in select locations in Nigeria. Also Rain has launched its 5G network in a few South African cities comprising Johannesburg, Capetown, and Tshwane, while Vodacom has limited capture of same facility in Lesotho.

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Lanci believed that-highly effective companies are already preparing to take advantage of 5G. He buttressed, “While we will have to wait until 5G networks are more universally available to see larger scale adoption, the resulting value companies are already preparing and building towards a more efficient 5G future.”

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