Use these 2 strategies to move towards new possibilities

Everyone is, psychologically and biologically, wired to move gradually towards new possibilities. The key word in the foregoing is ‘gradual’. It is a systemic, ordered progression. It simply may not be had any other ways.

However, it begins from starting something. That is the point: starting something!

That is where most people – especially in business – fail. They leave the key to the ignition in some rotten box called ‘fear’. Starting is half the job on the path to success. It is like shaking off the inertia that holds one’s universe bound.

Artiste Banky W. said his first demo was horrible

Here is what daring to start, and persistence, will do for you. It will help build capacity you never had, and create new network that will gradually move you towards new possibilities. That possibility may be hosting a citywide conference you have dreamed about since you were in final year in school; sell new clothes via your social media handles, start a new consulting firm, or bring fresh produce to a new market. It could be anything worth doing at all.

Basically, the 2 strategies to make things happen are capacity and network, which hardly anyone was born with.

Capacity – your capacity is your invisible capital or resources. It is elastic in nature, and could be some skills or perfected talents. The law of capacity states that when you focus on a thing and keep doing it daily, you grow some deep understanding, and soon be able to do it effortlessly. Most award-winning artistes did badly at the beginning. Banky W. said he feels ashamed to show anyone his first demo. Steve Jobs wasn’t a great executive until he got kicked out from his own company. Jay Z wasn’t accepted when he pitched his vision to Def Jam. But what successful folks always do differently is that they choose to turn on the ignition. They know they will get to know the path as they read the map on the journey. Just start. You will be used. You will fumble, like hitting a bump or storms, but keep moving. As you proceed you will gain new skills, fresh insights and master some odd techniques that will give you the confidence to take the next step. Don’t wait.

Mudi of Africa, a fashion designer, has networked extensively to give his brand some visibility

Network – People are critical to achieving anything worthwhile. No one has the people necessary to help them succeed when they started their business or career. But as each person keeps moving they meet new people and connect to new insights. The skills and resources of the people who are in your network circle can turn your dead dreams to a living giant. Mudiaga Clement, owner of fashion house, Mudi Africa, has made a success out of networking. Richard Mofe-Damijo, a popular actor, gave him the first money to rent a tailor shop. From there he has connected and clothed several celebrities even beyond Nigeria. But Mudi wouldn’t have had the opportunity if he didn’t start. Starting your desired business and running it with passion attracts the right people you need to scale.

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