Data will fuel marketing, new product development & service in 2020 – Tola Babalola, digital marketing expert

Digital Marketing expert, and consultant at Wildream, Tola Babalola, said consumers’ focus has shifted from mere consumption to seeking purpose in brands; hence getting up and close with the market to know the buyers and their changing desires will determine market share in this new decade. The consultant provided the insight in a welcome-back-to-work new year press release.

He highlighted that gaining market edge will require data analyses and consistent community engagement which traditional marketing can hardly cater to. Therefore business need to adopt digital engagement as lead in the overall new year marketing strategy while traditional ads take supporting roles.

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According to Babalola, “An important concept worthy of note is that your target consumer is no longer one entity or person, but a merger of different entities: the actual consumer, the consumer’s social media influences, and the consumers persona AIE (artificial intelligence ecosystem)”.

“So marketers will no longer be marketing to the consumer as an individual but the consumer as an ecosystem; a union of these three distinct but connected entities”, he added.

The digital marketing consultant harped on the role of social media influencers in shaping consumers’ perception of brands in the new ecosystem. In addition, he put analytics as critical for dissecting and understanding consumers fickle desires and trends while making product innovation and tailoring responses to inquiry to ensure unbroken conversation between business and consumers.

He emphasised that digital brings more value to business and brand than the usual traditional marketing efforts.

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