Why your success is tied to the management of these two (2) finite resources

Everyone is given a certain amount of capital, you can call it resources, to start with. How these resources are deployed will ultimately determine each one’s position, value, class, fulfillment, and wealth. These resources are uniquely finite. They are energy and time.

Precisely, Science has successfully noted how chemical energy in food is burnt and converted to heat through human activities. It is the same thing with how petroleum energy is converted into mechanical energy to create mobility. In essence, everything in creation – sun, plant, meat from animals, and water – are meant to replenish the energy of every man and woman to keep him or her moving towards more value.

Time, on the other hand, is an eternal resource, but how much of it everyone can access within a life-time is limited. In fact, every waking day diminishes the time allotted to each person alive. It is no different from energy – both are exhaustible.

The amount of energy available to everyone goes through a cycle called diminishing returns. It has a peak stage, from where decline sets in afterwards. Take for instance, sports men and women energy level peaks between ages 25 and 30. Doctors, lawyers and business managers peak between ages 35 and 50. At its peak, energy attracts greater value and wealth because the man or woman that possesses the energy is able to carryout abundant useful activities that lead to greater rewards.

Abundant energy is necessary to boost productivity. Increased productivity is needed to create movement on the ledger or ladder of life. In the end, this determines who are the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Each person’s position in life isn’t determine by luck but how well energy is deployed at its peak to carryout useful activities within the time allotted to each person – that could fall between 1-70, 1-80, 1-120.

Popular show host and now media entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey, devoted her best energy at the peak in Baltimore to talking on TV. You know where she is now? She has moved passed her energy peak but she nonetheless has succeeded in building an enterprise of her OWN. That is from years of putting massive energy into use work.

Warren Buffet devoted his energy to studying stock and investment from age 12. Now closer to a century year-old, he has build an resourceful empire from devoting his peak years to investing in Coca Cola Co., American Express, General Motors Co, etc. These keep yielding returns. It may continue to be so even beyond his demise.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you push further in exhausting your finite but useful resources:

a. ‘Am I closer to my energy peak or pass it’?

b. ‘Where and What am I plowing energy to?

c. Are these avenues useful or useless when weighed for balance?

d. ‘How old am I on the scale of 1-75?’

e. ‘Would I still be able to perform as I do right now in the next 1-2 decade?’

f. ‘What am I building’?

g. Finally, ‘How much energy/ time am I devoting to what truly builds my worth’?

These should create a picture of your present and future worth, and then your life’s end.

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